Brandermill Community Association

11.23.2021 Winter Weather; Snow and Ice Removal in Brandermill

As winter weather approaches, BCA Staff would like to remind you of the following; roads, parkways, and neighborhood streets are owned and maintained by the Virginia Department of Transportation. BCA staff are not authorized to perform snow and ice removal services on any public roadways throughout the community. The BCA Maintenance staff may plow snow at community amenities such as Sunday Park, Harbour Pointe Clubhouse, and the BCA Office but will not address public roadways. If you should have questions or concerns in regard to snow and ice removal along roadways and neighborhoods throughout the BCA please reach out to VDOT using the following link:

BCA Staff thanks you and wishes you a safe and happy winter season. Click here to read the entire blog post.

10.29.2021 Prevent Damage to Your Roofs: Regular Cleanup is Necessary

 *This article follows the story of a US Navy Veteran in the Brandermill Community. The interview has been conducted anonymously. * 

Rewind back to June of 1969. A senior student of the University of Minnesota is nearing the end of his studies in Occupational Therapy. He was a well-studied student, ready to start his career. The director of his program recognized this and informed the young man of an opportunity that would very well set his future up for success. The US Navy was in search of Occupational Therapists, and they were offering a full commission to those who joined. The young man, no older than 21, accepted the position and began his career in the US Navy Reserves. He was then sworn in as an Ensign (a commissioned officer) and obtained his commission. He completed his fieldwork at the Veteran’s Administration of Minneapolis, where he took the national assessment and upon passing, graduated from the program. 

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10.1.2021 Prevent Damage to Your Roofs: Regular Cleanup is Necessary

It is getting to be that time of year again, where the leaves will start turning colors and start falling from the trees, which means here in Brandermill, more leaves will be gathering on roofs, in gutters, and on yards. 

While it is a rule (Residential Design Standard, 11.1.1 D & E and 11.1.2 A) to keep your roof and gutters relatively clean of leaves and debris, it’s important to know why. Having an excess of leaves sitting on your roof and in your gutters is a hazard to your house.  

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