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Brandermill 4th of July Celebration Photo Album

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WOW! What a fun day it was in Brandermill on the 4th of July. Up bright and early, our 192 7.4k runners and walkers proudly raised money for Connors Heroes which will help children with cancer here in Richmond. It was the biggest race in 7.4k history!The parade went off without a hitch- the BCA staff was overjoyed with the number of community members that participated, cheered, and volunteered. It meant everything to us to see our neighbors smiling! There were great floats, costumes, groups, and county volunteers to be seen.Here are the parade category winners! Best Group-  The Brandermill Church… Read More »

Residential rezoning next to Market Square is scaled back

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By Greg Pearson BCA Board Member In response to concerns from Chesterfield County planners, a Northern Virginia builder has dialed back its rezoning request for 103 acres bordering Hull Street from Market Square north along the west side of Route 288. The major changes reduce the number of homes and townhomes from 788 down to 339 and a 4-5 story hotel with at least 100 rooms plus a sit-down restaurant like an Olive Garden. Representing developer Kettler (, attorney Brennen Keene of McGuireWoods, answered questions from members of the Brandermill Board of Directors at the June 20 Board meeting. Though… Read More »

Newly approved residential on Genito Road to impact Swift Creek MS and Clover Hill HS

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By Greg Pearson BCA Board member The Chesterfield Board of Supervisors approved a residential rezoning on March 9 for The Hamlet at Falling Creek on Genito Road that at buildout will add 22-27 more students to Swift Creek Middle School and 31-38 at Clover Hill High School. Along with Swift Creek Elementary School, that’s where Brandermill children attend public schools. The elementary-aged children of The Hamlet will be bussed to Evergreen Elementary School because SCES will be over its capacity when the new development is built out.  Previously for 2026, county officials had estimated SCMS to be at 95% capacity… Read More »

Garbage Cans, Big Renovation Plans, & Lawns, Oh My!

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Living in an HOA comes with quite a bit of responsibility for the homeowner. Some rules and regulations can be tough to keep up with- there may even be some you didn’t know! But as a Brandermill homeowner, we hope you take pride in our clean and beautiful neighborhood, which is the ultimate payoff for following the compliance guidelines. So what can you do to assure you’re in compliance? Are you new to the area? What even IS the ARB!? You have questions, and we have answers. Let’s get down to it! Let’s tackle the big one: Garbage Cans. Those… Read More »

Waterpark may include outdoor ice rink each winter

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By Greg Pearson BCA Board member In a presentation earlier this month, developer Brett Burkhart provided new information on The Lake project to members of the Brandermill Regional Men’s Club. Much of what he said was a reminder of the mixed-use development now underway at the intersection of Genito Place and Genito Road across from Clover Hill High School. The Lake is an entertainment-driven, retail-office-residential development on 105 acres modeled from a development in Charlotte, NC. Burkhart’s concept incorporates two water properties — one for surfing and the other for waterskiing with kayaks and paddle board use — as major… Read More »

Commercial Disclosures and Inspections

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Commercial business owners, please remember if you are receiving assessment invoices from the Brandermill Community Association, you are considered a member of the association. As a commercial member of the association, governing documents, rules and regulations, and policies apply to you.As a reminder, it is important that Commercial business owners follow the disclosure process. Once the decision is made to place your property for sale, owners need to complete the disclosure process per the Virginia POA Act. To start this process, visit our website at, click the compliance tab at the top of the page and then click on disclosure.… Read More »

County planners continue developing draft plan for Genito Road corridor

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By Greg PearsonBrandermill Board member Chesterfield planners are still working toward a draft proposal for additional commercial/recreational uses on Genito Road from Route 288 east to just beyond the now-defunct Southside Speedway. The county is attempting to embellish the already successful River City Sportsplex that generated about 500,000 players, family members, and fans last year, ringing Chesterfield’s cash drawer. Though recommendations from citizens were officially to end on December 31, according to county planner Joanne Wieworkaj, Chesterfield continues developing the draft plan for the Genito/Special Focus Area Plan. More recommendations can be sent to [email protected] Earlier, the Chesterfield Economic Development… Read More »