Commercial Properties

Although Brandermill is primarily thought of as a residential community, there are over 200 commercial properties located within the borders of Brandermill. While there are a few vacant residential properties, there is plenty of undeveloped commercially zoned land on which you can build.

The commercial areas of Brandermill tend to be near the periphery of the community, primarily on the North side of Hull Street Road (between VA-288 & Harbour View Ct), Market Square (near Hull Street Road entrance to Brandermill), Sunday Park (off Millridge Pkwy), Brandermill Trade Center, Waterford & Waterford Lakes (Genito Road & Charter Colony Pkwy) and Charter Colony Center (Charter Colony Pkwy & Old Hundred Road).

In addition to the above, there are currently two apartment complexes and three retirement/assisted living complexes located within the community.

Commercial Covenants at a Glance

Just like residential properties, commercial properties within Brandermill are required to maintain their property’s compliance with the Commercial Design Standards and the Declaration of Rights, Affirmative Obligations and Conditions (referred to as the covenants) as a way to present a positive image of the businesses and community as well as maintain or increase property values overall.

**All inquiries regarding the covenants should be addressed to our Compliance Manager at 804-744-1035, extension 3002 or email. Non-Compliance with all covenants results in violation notices. Review the violation process page for more information **

Unsightly Conditions:

Per General Covenant Part I, Paragraph 5: It shall be the responsibility of each property owner and tenant to prevent the development of any unclean, unsightly, or unkempt conditions of buildings or grounds.


Per General Covenant Part I Paragraph 4: No signs shall be erected or maintained on any property by anyone without written permission from the BCA. Permanent building signs are for business identification only and may include a business logo. Temporary signs, flyers, etc. are not permitted to be attached to trees, poles, existing permanent sign structures or any other surface not specifically designed for signage.


Per Commercial Design Standard 4.2.4: Fabric awnings shall be maintained in a clean, undamaged condition. Where awnings are faded, discolored, torn or damaged, they shall be replaced with new units to match the existing approved design unless otherwise submitted to the ARB and approved.

Tree Removal:

Per General Covenants Part II, Paragraph 2: No trees measuring six (6) inches or more in a diameter at a point two (2) feet above the ground level may be removed without the written approval of the Company. An equivalent measurement is a 19-inch circumference at a point two (2) feet above the ground level.

To request to cut trees, please fill out the tree application.

For more information or to submit in your tree application, you can contact Jermaine Crawley, Compliance Specialist at 804-744-1035 ext. 2002 or [email protected].

ARB Approval:

In general, if you plan on making any changes to your property (building or landscaping) that would be easily recognized as a change, you need to obtain written approval from the Architectural Review Committee prior to starting any work. Please review the Commercial Design Standards for requirements and limitations and complete the Commercial Project Application to submit to the ARB.