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Architectural Review in Brandermill

The residential community includes more than 80 neighborhoods and the commercial community includes around 250 businesses, here in Brandermill. Each has a unique environmental characteristics, varying architectural styles, densities, sizes, price ranges, and amenities. However, common threads result from the developer’s initial design concept that provides the basic qualities and amenities that characterize Brandermill today.

Some neighborhoods have been developed closely along with the original guidelines, others are significantly more traditional in character, and many neighborhoods are transitional in style. The ARB respects these differences as it seeks to maintain these design and development standards throughout the community.

The Residential and Commercial Design Standards have been written to establish rules that guide design and construction, to define and establish the basis and reasoning for those rules, and to assist the builder and property owner in understanding the rules by providing illustrations and explanations of requirements where helpful. Overall, these Standards are tools for owners and builders to use in making design decisions that will benefit the aesthetics and the value of homes, buildings, and property and therefore, the whole community.

***Each property owner within Brandermill is responsible for their property’s compliance, therefore the Covenants require that the Owner obtain approvals from the Association prior to making repairs or improvements to either your building or property that changes its appearance. This is true regardless of whether or not the work is being performed by the Owner directly, by a Tenant, or by a Contractor.***

Our Compliance Manager, is also the employee liaison to our Architectural Review Board Committee and is your contact for any projects and or applications for approval. You can reach her at the office by phone, 804-744-1035 extension 3002, or you can send an email.

Click here to view our Residential Design Standards.

Click here to view our Commercial Design Standards.

Did you know?

You can use your Resident Portal to send in your ARB requests using the ARB module. Click here for instructions.

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