Brandermill Community Association

Learn-to-Swim Program

BCA-managed swim lessons are offered to members of all ages and skill levels. The BCA Learn-to-Swim Program offers swim instruction/water safety classes in private, semi-private, or group settings and is tailored to the participant’s specific needs. All swim lessons are taught by certified American Red Cross and YMCA swim instructors.

All lessons are sold in packages of eight (8) thirty (30) minute sessions. Once payment and registration form are received, an instructor will be assigned and contact the participant within 48 hours. All swim lessons will be scheduled between the instructor and the participant(s) availability.

Learn-to-Swim Lessons

1. Private Lesson

2. Semi-Private Lesson

3. Adapted Aquatics Private Lesson (all ages): Offers individualized swimming instruction for individuals with physical or intellectual disabilities.

4. Preschool Group Lesson (3-5 years old): Orients children to water safety in the aquatic environment and gain basic aquatic skills – blowing bubbles, front and back floats with support and more. Builds upon skills learned in the previous class in a step-by-step progression.

5. Level 1-3 Group Lesson (5-12 years old): Helps participants feel comfortable in the water. Elementary aquatic skills are taught. Gives participants success with fundamental skills. Each level builds on skills from previous level. Front crawl, elementary backstroke, flutter, scissor, and dolphin kicks and treading water is introduced. Develops confidence in strokes learned in previous levels. Back/breast strokes are introduced. Coordination and refinement of all swimming strokes to increase swimming longer distances.

6. Teen/Adult Beginner Group Lesson (ages 13+): Designed to help participants gain aquatic skills and swimming strokes. Learn skills and concepts needed to stay in and around the water.

7. Parent/Child Group Lesson (6 months – 2 years): Parents are taught to safely work with their child in the water, how to encourage the child to participate fully and try different skills.

8. Advance Participant Private Lesson: Improves specific techniques, gain overall confidence, and focus on advanced and competitive swimming skills with our one-on-one class.

Learn-to-Swim Lesson Prices

Private Swim Lessons (1-on-1 instruction) $200 – 8 x 30-minute classes or $25 per class
Group Swim Lessons (3-5 participants) $120 – 8 x 30-minute classes or $15 per class