Another rezoning seeks to build 260 homes on Swift Creek Reservoir

published: December 14th, 2022 by in Articles

By Greg Pearson

BCA Board member

A sizable infill property fronting on the Swift Creek Reservoir is requesting to become 163 single-family homes and 97 three-story townhouses. That 138.5- acre site on Woolridge Road is known as Celebrations currently, a special events location next to the Highberry Woods neighborhood of Woodlake.

Thacker-Woolridge, LLC is represented by Balzer & Associates in its rezoning application. The applicant has proffered $2.1 million for its impact on county services, which would likely be reduced for building turn lanes outside the development. Those points of access will be on Woolridge Road across from the existing Crown Point Road and Hidden Falls Drive.

The community proposes to include a sit-down restaurant adjacent to Woolridge Road, operating on three acres but not open between the hours of 11pm-7am. Any music or PA system will be subject to a 50db limit on nearby homes. The plan is to keep the existing special events building intact, which could function as a clubhouse. 

Though the development is required to establish a homeowner’s association, it will not have a pool. Its features include a dog park, watercraft storage, playing fields, a fire pit, parks, and pedestrian trails along with a sidewalk paralleling Woolridge Road. 

Four of the single-family homes and 48 townhouses are positioned to be waterfront. Most residences will have garages.

Progress on case 22SN0089 can be tracked on Chesterfield’s website ( The developer’s initial submission is attached here.