Brandermill Community Association

Fourth of July is something to get EXCITED about in Brandermill! It is a truly admired tradition that is jam-packed full of activities for all ages. We look forward to the 2023 celebration!


It is that time again, and we are getting ready for another exciting July 4th CELEBRATION! 

Join us for an exciting day in Brandermill. 

7:30 AM- 7.4K Race

10:00 AM – 12:00 PM- Parade

12:00 – 1:00 PM- Picnic in Sunday Park

9:00 PM- Fireworks

RACE INFO: The Brandermill 7.4k is a fun race from Clover Hill High School through the neighborhoods of Brandermill and back.
Come run with us and celebrate Independence Day, then stroll (or run some more!) over to the parade route for the Brandermill 4th of July Parade!

All race proceeds will benefit Connor’s Heroes, a local pediatric non-profit that provides assistance to children and their families while they are undergoing cancer treatments. They work directly with families to address specific needs such as providing gas cards, parking garage vouchers, cleaning or lawn services, shopping services, babysitting, companionship, etc. There are many ups and downs of cancer treatment, and no child or family should face it alone.

Registration will be $30 through July 2, with a $5 discount for those 12 and under. 

The first 50 people to sign up with coupon code EarlyBird2023 will get $5 off. Sign up for the race here:

PARADE INFO: After the race, we will host our annual July 4th Parade. The parade starts at Swift Creek Middle School and ends at Sunday Park. The parade will kick off at 10 am. Participant check-in will start at 9 am. All participants must check in by 9:40. Please do not check in until your entire party has arrived for safety reasons.

Please take note of the questions asked after registering. We would like to know what type of participant you are and your group name. Please email [email protected] if you would like to enter your group/float/car in a category for judging. Please state the category that you would like to enter. Please choose one category per entry.

Categories for judging purposes:

Vintage Vehicles

Business Entries

  • Entries representing a commercial business
  • Examples may include restaurants, manufacturers, or repair business

Community Groups

  • Entries of groups of people with common interests, including Neighborhood Groups
  • There is a separate category for dance and music groups
  • Examples may include Pickle Queens, Wheeling Elvi, or experimental aircraft groups
  • Service Organizations
    • Entries, typically non-profit organizations, whose focus is on improving the community
    • Examples may include Salvation Army, Red Cross, or Peace Corp
  • Cheer Teams
    • Entries are limited to public and private school cheer teams
  • Dance or Music Groups
    • Entries whose common interest is dance or music
    • Examples may include alumni bands or Jazzercise clubs
  • Youth
    • Entries of groups whose members are under the age of 17
    • Examples may consist of Scouts, FFA clubs, or the Ulster Project
  • Mounted
    • Entries riding horses in the parade

Prizes will be a choice:

Pontoon Cruise for 12

Pool Pizza Party for up to 20 

Gift Card of $100