Brandermill Community Association

Your ARB Committee:

  • Andy Wyman, Chair
  • Chuck Rayfield, Vice Chair
  • Miguel Chueca
  • Nanette Parsons
  • Michael Sweeney
  • Lee Adams
  • James Morris


To maintain and/or improve the quality and value of residential and commercial property in Brandermill by evaluating compliance with both the Residential and Commercial Design Standards and related Covenants of the Brandermill Community Association (BCA) and to present those evaluations to the BCA Board of Directors.


  1. Regularly review, update and enforce design standards including specific design and character guidelines for residential and commercial development.
  2. Review all proposals for new construction within Brandermill, including BCA projects, according to the following Scope of Reviews:


  1. New Construction.
  2. Exterior modifications, alterations, and additions to a house or building.
  3. Any other free standing structures or accessory buildings.
  4. Exterior signs.
  5. Exterior lighting.
  6. Exterior mechanical, electrical and communications equipment.
  7. Landscaping.
  8. Fences, walls or screening enclosures.
  9. Pavements.
  10. Play and sports equipment, and other miscellaneous yard or building additions.

It is understood that the Residential/Commercial Architectural Review Board (ARB) shall limit the scope of its reviews to those clearly specified in the BCA Covenants, the Residential and Commerical Design Standards of the Association, and its charter and that the interpretation of these standards by the ARB shall be reasonable and applied consistently.


This committee shall have seven members at full strength. The ARB reports to the BCA Board of Directors and operates according to the provisions of this Charter, the bylaws of the Association, the BCA General Policies for Committee Operations, and any other regulations that may be promulgated by the Board from time to time.


Decisions of the Architectural Review Board may be appealed in accordance with procedures set forth in the Residential Design Standards. In the case of appeals that reach the BCA Board, the ARB’s position will be represented to the Board of Directors by the ARB Chair or the Chair’s designee.