Brandermill Community Association

Your Lifestyle Advisory Committee:

  • Amy Enoch, Chair
  • Rumy Mohta
  • Tal Thompson
  • Kayla Enoch


To improve the members’ lives and property values by advising and supporting the Brandermill Lifestyle Department on all community exclusive events. The Lifestyle Advisory Committee will offer feedback to the Lifestyle Director on current and future events as the community evolve and strive to be inclusive of resident interests wherever feasible.


  1. Propose activities and programs, including but not limited to the annually recurring events like; Brandermill 4th of July Celebration Events, Spring and Fall Festival, Yard Sales, and Seasonal Clean-Up events.
  2. Provide feedback, ideas, and suggestions to the Lifestyle Director on current and future activities and event programing, considering the various age groups and interest in the community.
  3. Coordinate with local organizations and agencies to support the Brandermill Lifestyle Programing.
  4. Actively seek the input of residents to enhance for diversifying of activities offered in the community.
  5. Make recommendations to the Lifestyle Director for future community exclusive events.
  6. Help promote participation from the community on all events.
  7. Aid the BCA staff during special events; virtual or on-site.


This Committee shall have seven members at full strength, consisting of a Committee Chair and a Recording Secretary, which the Committee shall select from within its members.

The Lifestyle Advisory Committee reports to the Lifestyle Director, and the Lifestyle Director reports to the BCA Board of Directors and operates according to the provisions of this Charter, the bylaws of the Association, the BCA General Policies for Committee Operations, and any other regulations that the Board may promulgate from time to time.

The rules governing membership terms, BCA Board liaisons and BCA staff liaisons, and other standards for the operation of this and other BCA Committees are stated in the BCA Board approved a document titled Brandermill Community Association General Policies for Committee Operations.