Please review the most current Boating Rules & Regulations here.

*Swimming and wading from BCA property is not permitted.*

Boat Registration for Residents

BCA members, tenants, and their guests may launch their own boats at Sunday Park or The Landing. Waterside Park and Harbour Pointe are exclusively for kayaks and canoes. Boats that are over 18 feet and have a motor must be registered with the Virginia Department of Game and Inland Fisheries. All boats utilizing the reservoir from Brandermill property must be registered with the Association. Amenity stickers are available at the BCA office and must be displayed on the starboard bow of privately owned boats. These decals are also required on all boats stored at the marina and on storage racks throughout Brandermill. Members and guests using launch facilities or rental options must display valid BCA hang tags from the rear-view mirror of their cars left in parking areas. Vehicles with trailers must be parked in the designated trailer parking lot at Sunday Park. Vehicles without proper parking decals are subject to towing at the owner’s expense. All watercraft used on the Swift Creek Reservoir, whether stored on BCA property (t-racks, posts, or waterfront property) or stored at a Brandermill home (in the garage/under the deck), must be registered annually with the BCA for general identification purposes and use of Brandermill boat launch sites. This includes windsurfers, paddle boards, and inflatable vessels.


If you need to register a NEW vessel on your home property, please use this link.

If you would like to be added to the Amenity Storage Spot waitlist, please contact our Parks & Recreation Manager at [email protected].

Boat Storage Options

Brandermill residents may store a boat on BCA property by annually renting spaces. Waterfront property owners may store 1 motorized and 1 non-motorized boat at the water’s edge directly behind their home. The boat must be properly secured.

The options include:
  • Sunday Park: t-racks, beach posts
  • The Landing at Commodore Point: t-racks, beach posts, boat on trailer parking spaces
  • Waterside Park: t-racks
  • Harbour Pointe: beach posts, t-racks
  • Locked Storage: Boat on trailer

Home Waterfront Boat Storage $100

A waterfront property owner is granted permission to store and properly secure one motorized jon boat or larger vessel near the water’s edge secured to home dock or mooring posts within the property site lines.

Home storage: $30

Boat on Trailer Space $150

Any member who stores a boat on a personal trailer at Commodore Point (The Landing) is considered a boat on trailer renter.

Beach Post $100

Any member who stores a boat on a post is a post renter (along the shoreline of Commodore Point, Harbour Pointe, Sunday Park).

T-Racks: (kayaks, canoes, paddleboards). T-racks are located at Harbour Pointe, Commodore Pointe, Harbour Pointe, and Waterside Park. If you are putting two kayaks on your t-rack, both vessels must be able to fit face down, side by side, securely.

Upper T-Rack $85

Middle T-Rack $90

Lower T-Rack $95

Additional Kayak on T-Rack: $12

Please call the BCA office at 804-744-1035, extension 1007, or email our Parks & Recreations Manager for more information, to check availability as we often rent to capacity.

Boating Center Phone Number: 804-425-9801

Swift Creek Reservoir

Swift Creek Reservoir was constructed in 1965 as a public water supply for Chesterfield County. The 12 million gallons per day capacity at Addison-Evans Water Treatment and Laboratory Facility provides an average of 7.5 million gallons of drinking water per day for the county. The reservoir is a 1,700-acre impoundment containing approximately 5.2 billion gallons of water. The Swift Creek Reservoir Watershed is located in the northwest part of the county and encompasses 61.9 square miles. Its headwaters are located in Powhatan County. The watershed is divided into the following sub-watersheds, based on its tributary streams:

Little Tomahawk CreekOtterdale CreekDry Creek
Tomahawk CreekHorsepen Creek/Blackman Creek/Deep CreekFuqua Creek
Turkey Creek/Swift CreekWest Branch