Brandermill Community Association

The Compliance Department is part of the association that enforces the governing documents, design standards, and the rules for the Brandermill Community, this includes both the residential areas and the commercial areas.

Your Compliance Team:
  • Inspects properties of both residential and commercial members
  • Conducts bi-annual Shoreline buffer inspections
  • Performs Boating Services boat inspections
  • Fulfills Resale/Disclosure Requests for both residential and commercial properties
  • Coordinates with the ARB (Architectural Review Committee)
  • Assist the Hearing Panel Committee
  • Processes Tree requests for residential and commercial properties
  • Works with Legal counsel on violation cases

The team is in the community regularly, doing numerous types of inspections and working on projects. If you see the compliance vehicle out, please do not flag us down, this is for everyone’s safety. Instead, please contact the office to ask questions or to voice any concerns.

Our common goal is to preserve property values and to try to keep Brandermill a beautiful community!

Please visit the tabs underneath the Compliance tab for more details on each area.