Brandermill Community Association


Q:  Where is the Association office?

A:  3001 East Boundary Terrace, Midlothian, VA 23112

Q: When is the office open?

A: The office is staffed Monday through Friday, 8 am- 5 pm.

Q: Who is FirstService Residential?

A: FirstService Residential is the Association’s Property Management company.

Q:  How much are the assessments?

A:   The 2024 Residential annual assessment is $846.00, or $211.50 quarterly. Commercial annual assessments vary by property.

Q:   When are assessments due?

A: The 1st day of the following months: January, April, July, and October. Assessments credited to your account on or after the 10th of the previously mentioned months are considered late and subject to fees.

Q: Can I pay my assessments by credit card?

A:   Yes, with associated fees.

Q:  What do the assessments pay for?

A:   Assessments pay for the access and upkeep of amenities, including pools, parks, playgrounds, docks, boat launches, pavilions, the clubhouse, 15 miles of paved trails, boat rental spaces, the storage lot, the marina, etc.

Q:  Do my assessments pay for trash pickup?

A:   No. Trash service is the responsibility of the member. It must be a trash hauler that provides “backyard” service to Brandermill residences. (Note: all residents must have a screening enclosure where the trash receptacles are kept.)

Q:  Is curbside trash collection permitted?

A:   No, your trash removal service provider must pick up from the rear yard and return the container(s) to the rear yard (which is called “backyard” service).

Q:  Do my assessments pay for the country club or the tennis club?

A:   No, as they are independent of the BCA and must be contacted separately.

Q:  Am I required to provide a potential buyer of my home with information from the Association?

A:   Yes. This is called a Resale Certificate (Disclosure Package). Complete the form available at the BCA office or from the website and provide a signed copy to the BCA office in person or by email. This package contains information about the Association including, but not limited, to governing documents, board meeting minutes, and any current litigation the Association may be involved in, and whether the property that’s inspected complies with the Association.

Q:  How long does it take to receive the Resale Certificate? (Previously known as Disclosure Package)

A:   It depends on your choice.  It can take anywhere from 14 calendar days to 5 business days. The Compliance Department completes inspections for the Resale Certificates as requested.

Q:  How much does a Resale Certificate (Previously known as a Disclosure Package) cost?

A:   Generally, it is $225.00 for a Resale Certificate delivered to an email address; “Rush” Resale Certificates cost an additional $50.00, and there is a charge for updates available within 12 months of the original Disclosure Certificate delivery date.

Q:  My property is for sale, and I had a Disclosure performed. There were items out of compliance, and I would like someone from Brandermill to “come take another look” before settlement. Can someone come out?

A:   Although a reinspection is not required, one can be requested via the Disclosure Request Form found online or at the office.

Q:  Is permission required to remove a tree(s) from the property?

A:   Yes, complete the Tree Removal Request Form available at the BCA office or on the website, and provide a signed copy to the BCA office.

Q:  How long does this permission take?

A:   Two to three business days from the date trees are marked.

Q:  Who owns/maintains the streets in Brandermill?

A:   The streets are owned by Chesterfield County, they are policed by Chesterfield County Police Department, and they are maintained by VDOT (paving, snow removal, removal of items in roadways, etc.)

Q:  Will the association snow plow my neighborhood street?

A:   No, we only assist VDOT when requested.

Q:  Will the association clean the street?

A:   No, the BCA has no direct enforcement authority. VDOT has a phone number you can use to report problems with items in the street: 1-800-367-7623.

Q:  My neighbors (or their landscape company) are blowing leaves and/or leaving branches in the street. What can be done about this?

A:   Staff can send a courtesy notice to the owner(s)/contractors if we are certain of who is conducting the activity, however, the BCA has no direct enforcement authority. VDOT has a phone number you can use to report problems with items in the street: 1-800-367-7623.

Q:  What if the neighborhood street has parked vehicles on both sides, or vehicles are parked in such a way that makes it difficult for emergency vehicles to get through?

A:   Street parking is governed by the Chesterfield County ordinances and enforced by the County Police Department. Please call the CCPD non-emergency number: 804-748-1251.

Q:  Will the BCA remove leaves from my yard?

A:   No, the removal of yard debris is the responsibility of the member to haul away or contract services. Dumping on common space property is NOT permitted.

Q:  Will the BCA maintenance department take care of any area of my property?

A:   No, the BCA maintenance takes care of association’s common space only.

Q:  Does Brandermill own the Swift Creek Reservoir?

A:   No, Chesterfield County has the water rights and East West Partners owns the lake bottom.

Q:  Are gas-powered boats allowed on the reservoir?

A:   No, call VA Game & Inland Fisheries at 1-800-237-5712, for enforcement of this measure.

Q:  Is solicitation permitted in Brandermill?

A:   No. Contact the Chesterfield County Police Department if the person is not displaying their CCPD solicitation badge. If they have not gone through the CCPD application process and received county approval to solicit, they cannot be on the premises. If you have the name of the company and/or their phone number, you can contact the BCA office, and staff will contact the company and make them aware of BCA’s no solicitation policy. However, the BCA does not have the ability or the authority to remove the person from the community, the community is not gated, and the streets are public, thus further reducing the ability to prevent the activity from happening.

Q:  A Brandermill tree and/or a deadfall’s limbs fell from Open Space onto my property. Will Brandermill remove this debris from my property?

A:  Property owners are responsible for the maintenance and management of the property within their designated property lines regardless of how natural materials like trees, limbs, leaves, sticks, and deadfall ultimately end up on a property. Contact the BCA Maintenance Department should you believe that a tree in an open space is a threat to safety or property. BCA staff will evaluate the request and take appropriate action. You may need to contact your insurance company to file a claim depending on the amount of damage to the property.

Community Services

Q:  How do I reserve the pavilions/The Branderbelle/the marina/ the storage lot/boating services/a spot in the garden, etc.?

A:   Amenities are available to Brandermill members and their guests. Please check out the BCA website for rental forms or contact the BCA office.

Q:  Can anyone attend Brandermill Lifestyle events or activities, including, but not limited to, the 4th of July festivities, including the fireworks?

A:   Many BCA events are exclusive to their members, but guests are welcome if accompanied by a member.

Q:  I wish to have a yard sale, may I post signs, etc.?

A:   Yes, approved BCA signs are available at the office for use. There is a refundable $35 deposit per sign, upon satisfactory return of the sign to the BCA office.  

Q:  I have lost/found a pet, how can I get the word out?

A:   The BCA has an approved sign to be used in the area near where the pet was either lost or found. No other sign(s) are permitted. BCA staff will remove those unapproved signs. There is a refundable $35 deposit, per sign, upon satisfactory return of the sign to the BCA office.

Q: Does Brandermill have facilities for storage of campers, trailers, and the like?

A:   Yes, Brandermill maintains a secure storage facility. The 2024 annual storage lot space rental fee is $375.00 for a small space up to 30 ft. A large space (31-45 ft) is $500.00.

Q:  Can I store household goods in the BCA’s secure storage facility?

A:   No. Only boats, trailers, and other wheeled vehicles kept in operable condition and having current registration and inspection (if applicable), may be placed in locked storage.

Q: Does Brandermill have boat storage facilities?

A: The Community has several areas and types of storage spaces. Contact the office for availability.

Q:  If I plan to keep my boat at home, do I need a BCA sticker?

A:  Boat registration applies to all boats and other watercraft, including sailboats, canoes, kayaks, jon boats, paddle boats, pontoon boats, windsurfers, and inflatable boats. The 2024 annual Home Registration fee is $30.00.

Q:  Where can I launch my boat from BCA property?

A:  Only boats registered with the Association may be launched from association property including, but not limited to Sunday Park, The Landing at Commodore Point, Harbour Pointe, and Waterside Park. Likewise, only registered boats may be stored on association property. When not in use, boats must be stored in their assigned spots. Waterfront homeowners may store one motorized and one non-motorized boat on open space adjacent to their property. The boat must be properly secured in an area designated by the BCA. Pontoon boats may not be beached at Sunday Park, The Landing at Commodore Point, or Harbour Pointe. Electrical power cords and electrical features are not permitted on, or across from, BCA open space.

Q:  Does the Association have a marina?

A:  The BCA provides a full-service dock facility adjacent to Auburn Hill located in Harbour Pointe. The 2022 annual slip fee is $1,500.00, which includes water and electrical service. The marina is currently rented to capacity; contact our Parks & Recreations Manager at 804-744-1035, extension 1007 for further information.

Q:  Can I fish on the reservoir?

A:  Residents and their guests may fish from BCA-owned open spaces or docks. Virginia Game and Inland Fisheries licensing requirements are enforced. Catch and release practices are preferred, but fish caught may be removed as permitted by Virginia Game and Inland Fisheries.

Q:  Can I swim in the reservoir?

A:  Swimming and wading from BCA-owned property, open space, or docks is not permitted.

Q:  Can I hunt in the community?

A:  Hunting is prohibited on all Brandermill Community Association property, including the Brandermill portion of the lake. Shooting of any firearm within 600 feet of an occupied dwelling should be reported to the police. Call 911.

Q:  How do I get involved in a committee or as a volunteer?

A: Volunteering for a committee is one of the best ways to be involved in your community. Contact the BCA office or check out the Committees tab on the website for the membership application.

Q: How do I volunteer for community events?

A: Our Lifestyle Director is always looking for volunteers to assist with community events. We offer service or community hours for high school students or Scouts. Contact the Lifestyle Director at 804-744-1035, extension 3001 for more information. There is also a BCA volunteer group, The Navigators. Sign up here.

Q:  How do I gain access to the pools?

A:  As a Brandermill member, you receive automatic access to our three (3) pools. This is also known as Universal Pool Access (UPA). All households and their members must register on CellBadge,

Q:  Can I bring guests to the pool?

A: Yes. Guests require a guest pass. Passes can be purchased at the BCA office, Monday through Friday, 8 am to 5 pm with a check or money order. 2024 pool guest passes are $10.00 individually; or get a packet of 10 passes for $50.00. You may also purchase pool guest passes online by visiting the pools page under the Parks & Recreation tab.

Q:  Do you offer pool-related programs?

A:  Yes. We offer swim lessons by certified swim instructors, pool parties, water aerobics, etc.

Q: Will BCA Maintenance remove dead animals from the roadways?

A: No. Our maintenance team maintains BCA property, as we do not own the roadways it is the responsibility of VDOT. VDOT has a phone number you can use to report problems with items in the street: 1-800-367-7623.

Q: Who owns the street/directional signs in the community?

A: VDOT owns and maintains street names and directional signage.

Q: Who owns and maintains the streetlamps/lights throughout the community?

A: Dominion Energy owns and manages the streetlights/lamps along roadways and neighborhood entrances. They can be contacted at 866-366-4357 to report outages.

Q:  Where can I bike, walk, or run safely in the community?

A: The Association maintains 15 miles of paved multi-use trails that weave throughout the community. We prefer our members utilize this safe path rather than the street.


Q:  How does the association communicate with members?

A:   We maintain an electronic membership distribution list (we do not sell, provide, or give this list to anyone). We have a monthly newsletter, “The Compass”, available on our website and via email. Our Community Updates go out twice a week, and there is a community calendar on the website with a list of upcoming meetings and events. Opt-in to receive email communications or text messages on the homepage of our website, or contact [email protected].

Q: I want to give a birthday shout-out, send a happy anniversary message, etc. in the Compass or Lifestyle Update. Do you offer something like that?

A: Yes. Contact the BCA office or email [email protected].

Q:  How can I get my story in The Compass?

A:   Send an email to [email protected] with a brief description of the story. We offer paid advertisements in the monthly newsletter. Visit the Sponsorship page for more information. Members who wish to advertise their business must purchase ad space.

Covenant Enforcement

Q:  How do I register a complaint regarding a possible covenant violation?

A:   Submit the Complaint Form electronically, in person at the office, or on the phone with the Property Manager assigned to that particular neighborhood.

Q:  Can I place a POD storage container (or a dumpster, etc.) on my property?

A:   Yes, however, the placement may not be permanent and is only approved for a 30-day period.

Q:  Can I rent out my house in Brandermill?

A:   Yes. A current Owner Directory Form must be on file at the office. You can obtain this form at the BCA office. Tenants are expected to adhere to the Covenants and Residential Design Standards with regard to CaboutCommunity Standards.

Q:  My neighbors park their car(s) in front of my house and not in front of their own house. Who should be contacted?

A:   Issues that may compromise the safety of individuals including the ability of emergency vehicles to freely move up and down the street need to be reported to the Chesterfield County Police non-emergency number at 748-1500. The BCA does not own or police the streets – that is a county police responsibility.

Q:  My neighbors park their car(s) in front of my mailbox. Who should be contacted?

A:   You can contact the local post office and ask to have a sticker placed on their vehicle by the proper authorities. The BCA does not have the authority to regulate parking on public streets.

Q:  My neighbors have loud parties/loud children/loud music/loud arguments.  Who should be contacted?

A:   Chesterfield County does have a noise ordinance with restrictions from 11 pm to 7 am and is enforced by the police department (non-emergency 804-748-1251). Please report courtesy issues: at 804-748-1500 or online at:

Q:  What can be done about constantly loud barking dogs?

A:   This falls under the noise ordinance and is enforced by the Chesterfield County Police Department. Chesterfield County has a phone number you can use to report problems with dogs or other nuisance pets: 804-748-1500 or online at:

Q:  People are not picking up pet waste and/or my neighbor is allowing their pet(s) to relieve itself on my property. What will the BCA do about this?

A:   The BCA does not monitor or control animal behavior, either domestic or wild. Pet waste stations are strategically located throughout the community and residents are encouraged to make use of them properly. Residents are encouraged to be courteous to each other about their pets’ outdoor habits.

Q:  There is a large number of people living in my neighbor’s house and/or I do not think they are all related to one another. Who should this be reported to?

A:   Chesterfield County Zoning regulates this matter. Call 804-748-1500 to report.

Q:  I would like to know specifically what is being done to address a violation or compliance issue at another residence/my neighbor’s house. Will you follow up with the exact measures being taken?

A:  Specifics regarding violations and/or compliance will only be discussed with the homeowner or (with permission) the designated Property Manager for the sake of confidentiality. The BCA takes every measure it can to have the owner bring the property into compliance as soon as possible, but the BCA cannot predict when this may happen. It is up to the owner and some owners must be brought to court and have a judge order them to comply. Staff does everything they can to avoid that avenue, but sometimes it’s necessary and therefore time-consuming. The BCA, however, cannot predict the date the property will come into compliance. 

Q:  Do I need permission to make change(s) to my property?

A:   Yes, ALL exterior building CHANGES, as well as large landscaping projects require ARB permission prior to beginning the project. Changes to include, but are not limited to; structural changes, window replacement, siding, roofs, changing the paint color of the front door or of the house, major landscaping changes, driveway widening or material change, etc.

Q:  How do I receive ARB permission?

A:   Complete the ARB application form available at the BCA office or on the website and provide a signed copy to BCA office along with all required items.

Q:  How long does it take to get permission? 

A:   The ARB meets the 2nd and 4th Tuesdays of each month. Once reviewed at the ARB meeting, written approval or denial will be sent within 10 business days.

Q:  Is there a restriction on dogs running unleashed or on feral cats in Brandermill?

A:   Yes, it’s governed by the Chesterfield County Code and enforced by the Chesterfield County animal control at 748-1683. For emergencies, call 748-1251 for the police department. Please contact Animal Control at 748-1683 for information on feral cats.

Q:  I observed a wild animal in my yard/neighbor’s yard. Who should be notified?

A:   With an abundance of wildlife in the Community, only those posing a threat of harm, coyotes, bears, foxes, etc. ought to be reported to Chesterfield County Animal Control at 804-748-1683, for emergencies 804-748-1251.

Q:   Who maintains Open Space?  May I clear it if it is next to my property?

A:   Open Space is the property and responsibility of the Association. Residents may not clear or landscape Open Space areas, including the Open Space along the lake, without Brandermill Community Association permission.

Q:   Can I ride my moped or ATV in Open Space?

A:   Mopeds, ATVs, motorcycles, and other such vehicles are not permitted on Open Space including, but not limited to, the bike paths and the Sunday Park peninsula.