Brandermill Community Association

Landscaping and Grounds Maintenance throughout the community is performed by the in-house BCA Maintenance team along with our contracted landscaper.

The Virginia Department of Transportation (VDOT) has rights to an easement and carries responsibility for maintenance along all roadways, however, due to their unreliable response times and in an effort to keep BCA looking its best, an outside landscaper is contracted by the Association to help maintain these areas. Other than main roadways, the Association cares for and maintains BCA-owned property only, such as amenities and paved trails, parks and facilities with the help of our landscaper.

The Association does NOT permit any community members to perform services of any kind within the BCA-owned property; This includes but is not limited to tree and plants removal, grass cutting, pruning, planting of new trees or plants, dumping of debris, or spraying of chemicals, etc. The BCA Compliance Department may send notice of violation should they observe members performing services on BCA-owned property.

The Association does not currently have a forestry program for its natural wooded common areas, so maintenance is limited to only areas of the community that are within the vicinity of amenities or facilities. Natural wooded areas will be left in an undisturbed and unmaintained state with the exception of dead tree removal that may be deemed hazardous.

If you have a concern for the BCA landscaping or grounds maintenance, please refer to the work order process. You can also call the Association office at 804-744-1035 extension 1009 or email us.