Your Hearing Panel Committee:

  • Jenny Jones, Chair
  • Jay Shields
  • Mike Nojaim
  • Lyn Baker
  • Doug Corrada


To improve the lives and property values of the residential and commercial members of Brandermill by providing an independent body to hear appeals regarding violations of the Covenants of the Brandermill Community Association, and by making decisions on those appeals on behalf of the BCA Board of Directors and the Brandermill Community Association.


  1. Review and determine the nature and extent of violations of the published Covenants and restrictions (the Covenants) of the Brandermill Community Association.
  2. In accordance with the Virginia Property Owners Association Act, notify members of their right to appeal reported violations, and the date, time, and place of the hearing.
  3. Hear appeals of residential and commercial members of the BCA concerning violations of the Covenants, and make decisions based on the facts of each case.
  4. When indicated, determine the appropriate levies and fines for violations of the Covenants.
  5. Notify residents promptly of the decisions of the Hearing Panel indicating that the Hearing Panel’s decisions are final unless appealed to the BCA Board of Directors within two weeks.
  6. Clearly document the decisions of the Panel, with their rationale when not self evident, and promptly report them to the BCA Board of Directors.
  7. Inform members of the BCA of suggestions and changes in the strategies of the Hearing Panel to enhance compliance with the Covenants, by requesting that staff prepare and publish articles in the Village Mill, and on the BCA website, and by other appropriate means.


The Hearing Panel reports to the BCA Board of Directors and operates according to the provisions of this Charter, the bylaws of the Association, the BCA General Policies for Committee Operations, and any other regulations that may be promulgated by the Board from time to time.

At full strength, this committee shall have seven members. The rules governing membership terms, BCA Board liaisons and BCA staff liaisons, and other standards for the operation of this and other BCA Committees are stated in the BCA Board approved document titled Brandermill Community Association General Policies for Committee Operations.