Brandermill Community Association

Brandermill is made up of 80 neighborhoods, which totals 3,792 residential homes, condos, and townhomes. Out of these neighborhoods, 6 of them have a sub-association (Gleneagles, Muirfield Green, Spinnaker Cove, The Townhomes at Harbour Pointe, Woodbridge Crossing, and The Greens at Woodbridge Crossing).

Each neighborhood has its own unique environmental characteristics, varying architectural styles, densities, sizes, price ranges and amenities. View our Trail page for a map of the Brandermill Community.

Brandermill Neighborhoods:

  • Arrowood
  • Autumn Woods
  • Barnes Spring
  • Bayport Landing
  • Birnam Woods
  • Carriage Creek
  • Chimney House
  • Commodore Point
  • Copper Hill
  • Court Ridge
  • Cove Ridge
  • Cradle Hill
  • Crosstimbers
  • Deer Meadow
  • East Bluff
  • Five Springs
  • Fortunes Ridge
  • Fox Chase
  • Garrison Place
  • Glen Eagles
  • Harbour Bluff
  • Harbour Hill
  • Harbour Ridge
  • Harbourwood
  • Heritage Woods
  • Huntgate Woods
  • Huntsbridge
  • Lands End
  • Litchfield Bluff
  • Long Hill
  • Long Shadow
  • McTyre’s Cove
  • Millcrest
  • Muirfield Green
  • Muirfield Green Condos/Townhomes
  • North Pointe
  • Northwich
  • Nuttree Woods
  • Oak Springs
  • Old Fox Trail
  • Pebble Creek
  • Planters Wood
  • Poplar Grove
  • Promontory Pointe
  • Quail Hill
  • Regatta Pointe
  • Ridge Creek
  • Riverbirch Trace
  • Rockport Landing
  • Sagewood
  • Sandy Brook
  • Seven Oaks
  • Shadow Ridge
  • Shady Pointe
  • Shallowford Landing
  • Shallowford Trace
  • Spinnaker Cove
  • Spinnaker Cove Condos
  • Spring Gate
  • Steeple Chase
  • Sterlings Bridge
  • Stoney Ridge
  • Sutters Mill
  • Tanglebrook
  • The Oaks
  • Thornridge
  • Three Bridges
  • Timber Ridge
  • Townhomes at Harbour Pointe
  • Turtle Hill
  • Two Notch
  • Walkers Ferry
  • Walnut Creek
  • Watch Hill
  • Watkins Glen
  • Whispering Oaks
  • Winterberry Ridge
  • Woodbridge Crossing
  • Woodbridge Crossing -The Greens

Covenants at a Glance

Each homeowner within Brandermill is responsible for their property’s compliance with the Residential Design Standards and the Declaration of Rights, Affirmative Obligations and Conditions, referred to as the covenants.

**All inquires regarding the covenants should be addressed to our Compliance Manager, at 804-744-1035, extension 3002 or email. Non-Compliance with all covenants results in violation notices. Review the violation process page for more information **


As a planned community, Brandermill strives for each property and neighborhood to maximize its curb appeal and overall appearance. The timely, efficient and proper method of disposing of trash, litter, and yard waste is a critical part of maintaining the community’s appearance and property values.

  • Curb side pickup of trash and garbage is not permitted in Brandermill.
  • Recyclables are not considered trash. Recyclable containers and recyclables may be placed at curb side the day before (preferably in the evening) the county’s scheduled pickup. Recyclable container must be removed from the curb the same day of the scheduled pick up.

Tree Removal:

Per Residential Design Standard 8.6: Trees measuring with a diameter 6” or greater, measured at 2’ from the ground, may not be removed without prior approval of the Association -(Tree application).

Generally approved requests are trees closer than 15’ to any structure, leaning trees, dead or diseased trees, individual trees within a group, and trees that removal will not substantially impact the appearance of the yard.

There are times when we will request new trees to be planted.

For more information or to submit your tree application, you can contact Jermaine Crawley, Compliance Specialist at 804-744-1035 ext. 2002 or [email protected].

Mailboxes and Posts:

Mailbox maintenance is the responsibility of the property owner.

  • Residents may do it yourself or hire a contractor for the mailbox unit to be built or fixed.
  • Homeowner build-it-yourself option: A spec sheet is available online.
    • Post paint color: Benjamin Moore Essex Green low lustre exterior
    • Replacement mailboxes: Black, jumbo, glossy by Gibraltar
  • Homeowner do-it-yourself installation: US Postal Regulations are available for those wishing to install a new unit themselves.

Per Residential Design Standard 4.1 Mailboxes with rust, uneven color tones or fading, non-matching color; dented boxes or missing parts (doors) must be replaced, repainted, or repaired. Rotted, cracked, missing, or damaged posts or other structural elements must be repaired or replaced. Posts with flaking or faded paint must be repainted with the approved color. Mold must be removed from mailboxes and posts. Property address numbers need to be clearly visible from the street.

Boats, Trailers & Campers:

Recreational vehicles (campers, boats, jet skis, trailers, etc.) should not be on a property unless it is in a screened enclosure, which has been approved by the ARB. (Single Family, Garden Home and Multiple Family Covenants, Part II, Paragraph 5).

Brandermill Community Association has a limited outdoor storage facility in which residents may rent space for boats, recreational vehicles, etc. Contact our Parks & Recreation Manager at 804-744-1035, extension 1007 or email for rental information.


Per Residential Design Standards 8.8: No sign may be erected upon any property within Brandermill except Realtor “For Sale” signs, contractor or sub-contractor signs for new home construction, or political signs that are deemed approved by State or Federal law and in accordance with BCA Documents and Standards.

ARB Approval:

Please obtain written approval from the Architectural Review Committee prior to making any exterior modifications to your home or property. Go to the Architectural Review tab under Compliance for more information and forms.

Dumping in Open Space:

No trash or other items, including tree debris, grass clippings or firewood, may be dumped on Open Space Areas. General Covenants, Part III, Paragraph 10.