An Interest Group is a gathering of individuals who share similar likes, concerns, or interests. The BCA will provide a space and general guidelines for these groups to grow. Once it is determined that there is enough interest and a desire for participants in the interest group to lead, the group may become a club and at some point, have a charter.

Interested in participating in groups or clubs in Brandermill? Have any ideas or would like to put in a request for a club of your own? Contact the office at 804-744-1035 ext. 3001 or email our Lifestyle Director.

**Interest Group Meetings will start when a group reaches 8 sign-ups. Once a group has the required number of sign-ups a start-up meeting will be scheduled. In order for a group to be established and have regular meetings, a leader must be appointed to represent the group. The goal for all interest groups is to become chartered clubs of the Brandermill Community.**

Create Your Own Interest Group

The resident brings an Interest Group/Club to the BCA Staff by filling out an Interest Group/Club Application. Staff will review the application to make sure that an Interest Group/Club with a similar purpose or scope does not already exist and that the BCA can accommodate the time and dates for the meeting.

The resident will conduct meetings and events and communicate with members of the club and the BCA. BCA will help promote the club events and meetings. A set of guidelines for forming Interest Groups will be provided to the person applying. Also, the process to become a club after six months will be discussed.

Please don’t hesitate to reach out if you have another Group that you would like to apply for. Now is the time to get you on the calendar.

The BCA looks forward to growing our Interest Groups in 2024 with the help of our very talented residents. Could you show us your passions and talents?

Interest Group Events

Parent’s Group Meetup and Playdates

All Brandermill parents, caregivers, and children are welcome to attend the meetup and playdate events! Get to know other parents around Brandermill and help your children connect with others and grow relationships. To join the Brandermill Parents Group Email list, fill out the following link:

For any questions, email [email protected]

Brandermill Charity Crafters

Brandermill Charity Crafters

If you haven’t hopped on their Facebook group yet, you can join here!

Don’t forget to bring your pals along for the ride!

Plus, they’re on a mission to collect handmade treasures for local charities like Crossover Healthcare Ministries and Henrico Doctors Hospital. From adorable baby hats to cozy blankets in all shades of purple, they’re spreading warmth and joy one stitch at a time.

To join the Charity Crafters, email [email protected].