Brandermill Community Association

Celebrate 50 Years of Community in 2024!

Did you know that in 2024, our vibrant community will hit the big 5-0? Back in 1974, Chesterfield County granted East West Partners the green light to create Brandermill, and the rest is history. We’ve come a long way since then, with over 13,000 residents living in 80 unique neighborhoods around the picturesque Swift Creek Reservoir.

To celebrate these incredible 50 years, we’re hosting monthly Brandermill 50th Celebration events throughout 2024, where we’ll come together, honor our rich history, and revel in the beauty of our community. Don’t miss out on the fun! Bookmark this page to check back for fun stories and event updates!

Original homeowners assembled for a group photo during the Brandermill Pioneers event. These individuals played a crucial role in the construction of Brandermill, witnessing its development from the very beginning. Many of them were residents even before the roads were paved, and their stories vividly capture the highlights of the past five decades.

Celebration Recaps


We had an AMAZING turnout for the Brandermill Pioneers Happy Hour event! Original residents came together to reminisce about the neighborhood’s early days, sharing stories of the time when Brandermill had mostly dirt roads. Here’s a great fun fact: among all attendees, they collectively had 54 children! These families and their children helped shape Brandermill into the wonderful community it is today. The event featured prize-winning moments, engaging trivia, delicious food, and, overall, a great time. We eagerly await the next 50th celebration this month!

Pioneer Stories

In honor of our community turning 50 this year, we have collected stories from our long-time, original homeowners. Here are their stories. Check back for new stories every week!

Meet Mary

Meet Mary, a proud resident of Barnes Spring Road for 44 years! In 1979, she and her husband were the first family to move in, paving the way for a close-knit community. Mary fondly recalls the early days when Brandermill Pkwy and Barnes Spring Rd were unpaved, and North Beach Road was yet to be paved. The first summer brought dusty roads, but by the end of the year, the community was transformed.

Their son started 4th grade at J.B. Watkins, and the school bus stop, established at the top of the hill across from their house, remains there to this day.

Mary shared a heartwarming winter memory – the first snowfall brought together 11 pioneer families for a bonfire organized by a friendly neighbor. The roads were too slick to travel, so the fire was set on the pavement, creating lasting memories of s’mores, snacks, drinks, and kids sledding.

However, the next day revealed an unexpected souvenir – a 3′ hole in the pavement, a testament to the warmth and joy shared that winter night.

Let’s celebrate Mary’s 44 years in Brandermill! Share your own memories or drop a comment below with your own memories!

Meet Brenda and Sam

In the early 1970s, a rumor reached Sam’s ears suggesting that Angus Powell of Chesterfield Land & Timber had sold the land surrounding Swift Creek Reservoir to Sea Pines of Hilton Head, S.C. Eager to confirm this information, Sam took the initiative to call Angus Powell directly. Powell, in response, disclosed that the deal had yet to be finalized and advised Sam to check back in two months.

As time passed, the sale eventually materialized. Angus Powell, true to his word, provided Sam with the contact information of Harry Frampton, the individual tasked with overseeing the development of the land around Swift Creek. Establishing a close and enduring connection, Sam and Harry maintained regular communication. After what felt like an eternity, the first lots were slated to be sold in 1974.

Sam and Brenda Lee found themselves among the 25 families that played an integral role in Brandermill’s early preparations for the sale of lots. In a gesture of gratitude, these families were given the unique privilege of selecting their lots ahead of the official public sale date.

In 1976, the couple constructed their current residence in Winterberry Ridge on Hickory Nut Point, a time when the community boasted around 50 residents. This marked the beginning of Branda and Sam’s journey in Brandermill, as they became an integral part of its growth and development.

Thank you for being a part of our amazing community since the beginning!

Meet Jack and Nancy

In January of 1976, Jack and Nancy moved into their first Brandermill home, a cozy haven that welcomed them into the budding community. Their initial tour, conducted in a jeep, revealed an unpaved Millridge Parkway, echoing the neighborhood’s earlier days.

Having relocated from Indiana to Virginia in the summer of 1974, they became part of Brandermill’s story. Though uncertain about their residency number, their names appeared in the January 1976 edition of the Village Mill as new residents, marking the beginning of their journey.

As the years unfolded, they found themselves rooted in the community. Three houses—Planters Wood, Old Fox Trail, and Promontory Pointe—became chapters in their Brandermill story. The streets evolved, memories were woven, and friendships endured.

Brandermill wasn’t merely a location; it was a tapestry of shared experiences. In the spirit of old Brandermill, they continue to cherish and share their tales, believing that in these stories, the spirit of Brandermill lives on.

Meet Marcia

In 1979, Marcia and her late husband, Chuck, embarked on the journey of building their home in Pebble Creek. Chuck’s brother, Tom, was an architect and played a pivotal role in bringing their house plans to life. Together with Tom and Claudia, their Planter’s Woods neighbors, Marcia and Chuck undertook the final touches, from interior painting to cabinet making.

During this bustling time, another couple, Dick and Susy, were also constructing their home just two doors down. Little did Marcia know, Chuck and Tom, both known for their hearty laughter and mischief, had engaged in a playful graffiti war on each other’s walls. This unexpected artistry was discovered when Susy, along with her sisters, dropped by to introduce themselves and tour the house. Chuck and Tom hastily tried to paint over the risqué graffiti, resulting in a rather amusing introduction to their new neighbors. Nevertheless, the following week, warm welcomes came in the form of a cake from other neighbors, Angela and Linda.

Marcia’s house, strategically located on the 11th tee of the Brandermill golf course, became a hub for community gatherings. In late fall, neighbors organized Pebble Creek cookouts in their cul-de-sac, blocking off traffic for the festive occasion. With 23 kids under the age of 15 in their cul-de-sac alone, the young ones played on “the island” while neighbors from down the street manned grills at the end of driveways. As dusk fell, Chuck and Dick added to the warmth with a bonfire in the culvert at the end of Marcia’s lot, bordering the 11th tee. This included a weenie and marshmallow roast, complete with s’mores.

Yet, the challenge lay in the aftermath. Cleaning up became a meticulous task, as the golf course owner frowned upon finding burnt marshmallows and smoldering wood on the tee the next morning. The expansive space of the golf course proved tempting for the kids, especially at night. Marcia’s back yard, adorned with a swing set, sandpit, and a two-story “tree house,” became a haven of joyous play, echoing with the laughter of children alongside the quiet concentration of golfers on the 11th tee. Thank you for sharing your story, Marcia!

Pictured: Pebble Creek Residents from the 1979, Second Annual Summer Parade! They won Most Original float. Taken from the 1979 Summer Village Mill.

Meet Gloria

In 1975, Gloria and her husband embarked on a journey with Brandermill, then a network of muddy streets cutting through the woods. Gloria vividly recalls her agent lending her boots to navigate the various lots!

Amid promises of shopping, daycare, and schools in Brandermill’s future, Gloria and her husband hesitated, unsure if these visions would materialize. Content to drive for groceries and other necessities, the landscape was challenging to visualize, especially with a cow pasture near the entrance on Hull Street Road.

Their initial plan was to live in Brandermill for 3 to 5 years, but forty-nine years later, they find themselves still rooted in the community. Together, they raised two wonderful children, and although the thought of moving crossed their minds, their children’s reluctance kept them firmly in place. As they witnessed Brandermill evolve, friends and neighbors coming and going, Gloria now stands as the sole original homeowner of Litchfield Bluff.

Throughout the years, Brandermill became not just a location, but a canvas for cherished memories and lasting friendships that Gloria holds dear.

Thank you for calling Brandermill home for 49 years, Gloria!

Meet Martha

Meet Martha! During Thanksgiving week of November 1976, Martha embarked on a new chapter of her life. Moving to Pebble Creek Road with three children under five years of age, she found herself on a dirt road with fewer than 10 houses and no telephone service. It took approximately six weeks to finally secure telephone service in those early days.

 The nights on Pebble Creek Road were exceptionally dark, with visibility limited to the point of not being able to see “hands in front of your face.” Despite the darkness, the bugs serenaded the night with their songs, even in the chilly month of November.

Martha’s first connection in her cul-de-sac was with her neighbors, Danny and Diane. It turned out that Danny had been part of Martha’s sister’s wedding some years prior. Danny and Diane proved to be the epitome of great neighbors, fostering a sense of community in the budding neighborhood.

The small world phenomenon continued when Martha’s first visitors, Sam and Brenda from Winterberry Ridge, came over. Martha had learned of them through her children’s pediatrician, who happened to be related to Brenda.

In the early years, Pebble Creek residents were close-knit, sharing a strong sense of community. Over time, life and circumstances brought changes to Pebble Creek, but Martha has remained a constant presence in Brandermill for an impressive 47 years, soon to be 48. Thank you for being here, Martha!

Meet Mitch!

It’s time for a Pioneer story! After settling into Riverbirch Trace, Mitch and his family noticed that the house next door was sold during the winter. Their new neighbor struck up a conversation, asking about the local weather.

Mitch assured him that, come March, the severe winter weather in the area would be a thing of the past.

March eventually rolled around, but instead of the expected relief, they were hit with two one-foot snowstorms during the first two weekends. As Mitch found himself outside, shoveling snow, his new neighbor couldn’t resist teasing him about the unexpected weather turn.

Thanks for sharing your story, Mitch!