Brandermill Community Association

Commercial Disclosures and Inspections

published: February 24th, 2022 by in Uncategorized

Commercial business owners, please remember if you are receiving assessment invoices from the Brandermill Community Association, you are considered a member of the association. As a commercial member of the association, governing documents, rules and regulations, and policies apply to you.
As a reminder, it is important that Commercial business owners follow the disclosure process. Once the decision is made to place your property for sale, owners need to complete the disclosure process per the Virginia POA Act. To start this process, visit our website at, click the compliance tab at the top of the page and then click on disclosure. Once there, click on the disclosure form link and fill out the request form and submit it to the BCA office.
An exterior property inspection will be completed within 14 days of receipt. A report will be written up and emailed to either you or your realtor. The disclosure packet, which also includes the governing documents, etc. should be shared with the buyers of the property. If you have any questions regarding this process, please contact the BCA office. 
Please keep in mind that your property must remain in compliance. We do routine inspections of the exterior of each commercial property – some of the common items that need upkeep are: 

  • Pressure washing of buildings and dumpster enclosures
  • Monument signs need to have evergreens and plantings at the base
  • All HVAC systems need to be screened
  • Any chipping or fading paint on buildings, enclosures, etc. needs to be repainted
  • Awnings need to be in good shape and no dirt or mold should be on them
  • All trash enclosures should have proper gates on the front. 
  • Parking lots should be repaired and lined. 

You can view the Commercial Design Standards in their entirety at If you have any questions please contact Tasha Rempfer, Compliance Manager at [email protected] or 804.744.1035, ext. 3002.