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The BCA publishes three publications: The BCA Compass, The Village Mill, and the Resident Directory. You can sign up to receive notifications about new issues by adding your email address to our blast email list:

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history book

Brandermill, The Natural Place to Be: It's not too late to order! Beautifully illustrated, this book about the history of Brandermill would be a great addition to your collection, or a perfect gift for current and former Brandermill residents. To order your copy, fill out the order form, take it to the BCA Office, and pick up your copy today.

NOTE: Past isssues of The Village Mill and the BCA Compass can be viewed by logging in to your account under the Residents tab. Recent issue are available near the bottom of the Residents drop down list under The Village Mill & BCA Compass. Old issues, beginning in 1975, are available under Publications Archives.

The Village Mill

The BCA Compass is a two-to-three page interactive newsletter published on Friday each week during the year, excluding the Fridays on which The Village Mill is published. Breaking news, last minute details, and reminders of Brandermill happenings, activities and events are its main focus. Also included on the last page, is a full monthly calendar of all meetings and events for easy reference.

The Village Mill

The Village Mill is an interactive online publication presented in newspaper format, and it is generally published on the first Friday of each month with the occasional exception to accommodate timely news items and holidays. It contains BCA news articles and community interest stories. New and growing Brandermill businesses, school news and sports articles may also be include.


The annual Brandermill Residents Directory is a printed publication containing a list of all residents who opt in, and can include names, addresses, phone number and email addresses according to each resident's preference. Directories are hand delivered the first of the year to residents' mailbox paper chutes. (Those that block their chutes may want to reconsider.)


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3001 East Boundary Terrace
Midlothian, VA 23112
Telephone: (804) 744-1035
Email: admin@brandermill.com
Fax: 744-2839


Brandermill's publications provide a unique and moderately priced opportunity to reach our residents.

The Village Mill

BCA 2019 Residents Directory

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