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Summary of Covenants

The following is a summary of the Declaration of Rights, Restrictions, Affirmative Obligations and Conditions, usually referred to as the covenants, which apply to property in Brandermill. A complete set of the covenants is available at the Brandermill Community Association office. All inquiries regarding the covenants should be addressed to Tasha Rempfer, our Compliance Manager, at tasha.rempfer@fsresidential.com.

To view the complete organization documents, see the Organization Documents section of the Documents page.


No building, fence, or other structure shall be erected, placed or altered on any property in Brandermill until the proposed building plans, specifications, exterior color or finish, and plot plan (showing the proposed location of such building or structure, drives and parking areas) shall have been approved in writing by the Brandermill Community Association Architectural Review Board. No alteration in the exterior appearance of any building or structure shall be made without like approval. General Covenants, Part I, Paragraph 1. Residential approved projects must be completed within six months.

For applications, see the Architectural Review section of the Forms page.

Conditions of Properties

Each property owner and tenant is responsible for preventing the development of any unclean, unsightly or unkempt conditions of buildings or grounds on such property which shall tend to substantially reduce the beauty of the neighborhood as a whole or the specific area. General Covenants, Part I, Paragraph 5.


Mailbox maintenance is the responsibility of the property owner.


Permission of Brandermill Community Association is required for all signs. The association may restrict the size, color, and content of signs. General Covenants, Part I, Paragraph 4 (See Rules and Regulations for the policies on personal signs and real estate signs.)

Tree Removal

No trees measuring six (6) inches or more in diameter at a point two (2) feet above ground level may be removed without the prior written approval of Brandermill Community Association. General Covenants, Part II, Paragraph 2.

Dumping on Open Space

No trash or other unsightly or offensive material, including tree debris, grass clippings or firewood, maybe dumped on Open Space Areas. General Covenants, Part III, Paragraph 10.

Clearing Along the Lake

The area within eighty (80) feet of the edge of Swift Creek Reservoir at normal water level shall be preserved substantially in its natural state except for moderate clearing for view and breeze. This activity must be approved by the Association prior to the work being started. This 80-foot buffer is BCA Common Property. It may not be cut, cleared or mowed unless approved by the BCA. General Covenants, Part V, Paragraph 1 (See the rule on clearing of open space.)

Topographic and Vegetation Characteristics

Topographic and vegetation characteristics of properties within Brandermill shall not be altered by removal, reduction, cutting, excavation or any other means without prior written approval of Brandermill Community Association. General Covenants, Part II, Paragraph 1.

Use of Lots

All lots in Residential Areas shall be used for residential purposes exclusively. The use of a portion of a dwelling as an office by the owner or tenant will be considered residential if such use does not create customer or client traffic. Single Family, Garden Home, and Multiple Family Covenants, Part II, Paragraph 2.

Note: It is the responsibility of residents planning to operate businesses from their homes to contact Chesterfield County to obtain a business license.

Number of Buildings

No lot in a Single Family Area shall have more than one detached single-family dwelling and one small one-story accessory building. Single Family Covenants, Part II, Paragraph 2.

Completion of New Construction

The exterior of all new houses must be completed within one year. Houses may not be occupied until they are completed. Single Family and Garden Home Covenants, Part II, Paragraph 3.

Maintenance During Construction

The owner of each lot must require the contractor to maintain the lot in a reasonably clean and uncluttered condition. Single Family Garden Home Covenants, Part II, Paragraph 3.


Each lot owner shall provide a screened area in which garbage receptacles, fuel tanks or similar storage receptacles, air conditioning equipment, clotheslines, and other unsightly objects must be placed or stored in order to conceal them from view from the road and adjacent properties. Plans for such a screened area must be approved by the Architectural Review Board prior to construction. Garbage receptacles and fuel tanks may be located outside of such a screened area only if located underground. Single Family, Garden Home, and Multiple Family Covenants, Part II, Paragraph 4.

Boats, Boat Trailers, Campers, RVs, and Utility Trailers

Boats, boat trailers, campers, RVs, and utility trailers may be maintained on a lot only within an ARB approved enclosed screened area such that they are not generally visible from adjacent properties. Single Family, Garden Home, and Multiple Family Covenants, Part II, Paragraph 5. Brandermill Community Association has a limited outdoor storage facility in which residents may rent space for boats, recreational vehicles, etc. Contact our Lifestyle Manager, cory Garica, at cory.garcia@fsresidential.com for rental information.

Television Antennas

Pursuant to the Federal Telecommunications Act of 1996, residents are permitted to install television antenna or satellite dishes (less than 39 inches in diameter). To the extent possible, antennas should not be visible from the street.