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Boat Rules


  1. The BCA member must be in good standing with the Association. The BCA may refuse to register any boat whose owner has failed to comply with the BCA Boating Rules and Regulations.
  2. Only boats which are owned entirely by Brandermill property owners or tenants and which have been registered with Brandermill Community Association (BCA) may be launched from or stored on association property, including waterfront property.
  3. “Boat” or “boats” means any watercraft, including but not limited to sailboats, canoes, jon boats, paddle boats, pontoon boats, windsurfers, kayaks and inflatable boats, and paddle board.
  4. Registration is for the boating year and includes payment of a nonrefundable registration fee. The sticker renews May 1 and payment is due by April 30. The registration fee is set by the BCA.
  5. The BCA reserves the right to restrict the type and size of boats which may be registered.
  6. When the owner of a registered boat ceases to be a Brandermill property owner or tenant or sells the boat, registration is canceled. The owner must remove the registration sticker and notify the BCA office in order to keep Brandermill Community Association and Chesterfield County records current. The BCA is required to provide the county tax assessor with an annual list of boats and boat owners.
  7. All watercraft must be in complete compliance with applicable Coast Guard, State and County requirements and regulations.
  8. As set out in the Code of Virginia on Taxation, Section 58.13902 – Operators of marinas or boat storage places – Every person operating in the Commonwealth a marina or boat storage place which accommodates more than four boats shall, on or before February 1 of each year, upon the request of the commissioner of the revenue of the county or city in which such marina or boat storage place is located, file with such commissioner of the revenue a list giving the name and address of the owner and operator, if such is available, and the name and number of each boat physically located and normally kept in his marina or boating storage place as of the preceding January 1.

Space Rental

  1. There are rental storage areas for registered boats on BCA property at Sunday Park, The Landing, Harbour Pointe, Waterside Park and, (adjacent to waterfront homes) home waterfronts.
  2. Boat owners must place boats in their assigned spots within 30 days of registration. Failure to comply could result in loss of space and reassignment to a new boat owner.
  3. Failure to pay the rental charge or comply with the boating rules, including continued unsightly conditions may cause termination of the space rental agreement and removal of the boat/trailer. Boats at rental storage areas will be inspected without notice.
  4. Due to space limitations boat owners may rent one beach spot, boat-on-trailer spot, t-rack or mooring spot, if additional space is available and the BCA agrees the boat owner may be assigned multiple spaces.
  5. Spots may be reassigned by the BCA in order to accommodate boats of varying sizes or when erosion makes some spots unusable.
  6. Rental spaces shall not be sold, assigned, subleased, or pledged by the boat owner to another individual or party.
  7. Boats that require towing due to neglect or non-payment of required fees, and not claimed by the owner within a period of 6 months after confiscation shall become the property of the BCA.
  8. Boat owners who sell their boats shall forfeit their rights to use the rental spaces and must immediately remove their boats and any other property from BCA property. If a boat is sold to a Brandermill resident, the new owner may reapply for a rental space. The space is NOT automatically conveyed to the new boat owner.
  9. The BCA may terminate or refuse to grant storage space for any boat which appears neglected, no longer usable, or in violation of boating rules and regulations.


  1. Current registration stickers will be given or mailed to all boat owners upon payment of the registration fee.
  2. Registration stickers must be displayed on the starboard (right) side of registered boats.


  1. Boats stored at The Landing boat and trailer area must be stored on a serviceable trailer, intended for boat hauling and storage. Boats and boat trailers may be stored on the owner’s lot, but only within an enclosed or screened area approved by Brandermill Community Association so they are not generally visible from adjacent properties. (Covenants, Part II, Par. 5)
  2. No boat may be left in any location on BCA property other than its assigned spot.
  3. No boat cradle or other structure may be used without the approval of Brandermill Community Association. Boat trailers may not be used as cradles on the beach.
  4. Boat trailers and cradles must be serviceable and operable.
  5. Boats in cradles, on trailers or on t-racks must be chained and locked and secured at both ends.
  6. Large boats such as pontoon boats are to be moored offshore in a designated spot. Moored boats must be secured with a galvanized 50-pound chain and weighted with a mushroom-type anchor. Approved home-beached boats may be tied to the shoreline.
  7. If covering your boat, you must use a commercial grade product made for the specific purpose of covering/protecting boats, and which is neutral or earth tone in color. Tarps/covers that are in disrepair or were not designed for use as a boat cover, or are of colors other than earth tone will be considered unsightly/unkempt condition accordance with General Covenants Part 1, Paragraph 5, and subject to covenant enforcement including but not limited to additional assessment charges.


  1. Boat owners are responsible for checking and inspecting their boats, periodically and especially following severe weather and for assuring their stability, and clearing them of excessive water and debris.
  2. Registered boats may be launched from the beach in designated areas at Sunday Park, The Landing, Harbour Pointe or Waterside Park or from trailers at Sunday Park or The Landing. Because of limited parking spaces near the boat launching area, boat trailers may not be parked on BCA property at Sunday Park. Temporary parking spaces are available for vehicles and trailers in Sunday Park in the boat trailer and overflow lot. Parking space is available at The Landing. Any resident using boat ramps must present a trailer license number to the BCA to receive a parking permit and display the permit on the rear view mirror of the vehicle.

Guest Passes

  1. Residents with guests who bring their own boats may obtain day passes which will permit guests to launch their boats from BCA property. Day passes are available at the BCA office during regular business hours and at the Brandermill Sailing Center during hours of operation.
  2. Day passes will be issued to residents only, at the BCA Offices for a fee, not to their guests, and only to residents 18 years or older.
  3. No more than two guest passes will be issued per day for each property owner.
  4. Residents are responsible for ensuring that their guests abide by the BCA Boating Rules and Regulations.


  1. Swimming or wading from association property is not permitted.
  2. Residents are fully responsible for the safety of themselves and their guests. Flotation devices must be available for each person in the boat. Boaters are expected to follow the appropriate rules and regulations from all regulatory and enforcement agencies.

Other Services

  1. The BCA operates a small marina. Slip rentals must be made at the BCA. During boating season, boats are available for rent by residents on an hourly basis at the BCA Sailing Center in Sunday Park.

Restrictions & Remedies

  1. Boaters on Swift Creek Reservoir are primarily dependent upon the rescue services of Chesterfield County for emergencies.

Waterfront Property

  1. Waterfront property is defined as a residential building lot that is contiguous with waterfront open space.
  2. A waterfront property homeowner or tenant is granted revocable permission to moor, beach or cradle one motorized boat in the open space or in the water and one non-motorized boat outside the water but maintained in the open space area of the waterfront or under the deck or porch of that property. Each boat would be considered stored on the home beach and therefore assessed the yearly storage fee. Owner may store non-motorized boats in an appropriate screened or covered area on their property. If these boats are used on the reservoir, such boats must be registered with the BCA and will be assessed a yearly home registration fee in place at that time.
  3. A waterfront mooring area shall be defined as that portion of open space immediately contiguous and adjacent to the waterfront property line of the member property bounded on each side by a line running from the end of said property line into the waters of the reservoir a distance deemed sufficient, in the sole and uncontrolled discretion of the BCA, for the proper mooring of a boat.
  4. Only boats which are owned entirely by Brandermill property owners or tenants and have been registered with the BCA may be stored in accordance with provisions 37, 38, and 39 directly above.

The above BCA Boat regulations supersede any and all previous boat regulations of the Association.

Adopted by the BCA Board of Directors, November 2, 2015.