Girls kick it with style at Aim 4 Fitness in Waterford

Posted May 13, 2013 at 5:22 PM, Filed Under: Business, Village Mill

Aim 4 FitnessBy Ann C. Hunt
Staff Writer

Even when it is chilly outside, within the first few minutes of working out at Aim 4 Fitness, the big fans are turned on. Owner and certified Fitness Trainer Kathy Mullins says kickboxing and cage fitness workouts are guaranteed to get women in shape and take off the pounds.

According to Mullens, her kickboxing class is a 45-minute cardio workout that teaches proper form utilizing a punch and kick combo. It is high energy, exciting and motivating, blending the elements of boxing, martial arts and traditional aerobics into one workout. “The girls love it,” says Mullins. “They picture a face on the bag and find it is a big stress reliever.” Kickboxing

Cage Fitness is a 30-minute workout for both men and women done in five, five-minute rounds with a one-minute rest between rounds. It is a complete fitness system based on the structure of mixed martial arts, combining high-intensity interval training with functional movement.

“I want to motivate women to meet their fitness goals,” Mullin says. “I want to make them feel better about themselves – gain self-confidence and self-esteem. This is an all-woman environment and, they get motivation here unlike boring gym routines.” Men’s classes are offered later in the evening.

Mullins had been in the accounting field for 20-plus years when she joined a kickboxing gym to lose weight. In only six months, she lost 65 pounds. Six months into her workouts, she was assisting others at the gym and soon began teaching kickboxing on her own.

In early 2012, she earned her fitness training certification, and opened Aim 4 Fitness in a shared space across from Brandermill on Brad McNeer Parkway. Quickly outgrowing the space, Mullins moved her business close by to Waterford Village Shopping Center to accommodate her clients. The large workout room had the space Mullins needed. There is ample parking and she has picked up some new members from passerbys.

Aim 4 Fitness is located at 13534 Waterford Place in the Waterford Village Shopping Center.

For more information, please visit or call 380-0389. Or, says Mullens “Stop by to see why everyone is having such a great time and why their motto is ‘Girls Kick it with Style!’”