Brandermill Community Association

New North Beach Pool House Project

Construction for the new North Beach pool house will begin in late August and continue through to its projected finish of May 2023. The current projected cost of the project is approximately $1,900,000. 

 This project will be funded partially through a 12-month special assessment with the remaining balance coming from the BCA reserve/capital account.  The special assessment begins in 2023 and will be billed with regular Quarterly assessments.  All residential and commercial properties will be assessed.  Please visit your resident portal meeting minutes from:

9.5.2019 – Discussion of Repair or Replacement of North Beach Pool Pumps and Equipment- Packet and minutes are in connect
10.7.2019 – Update of Plans to Replace North Beach Pool Building- Packet and minutes are in connect
3.2.2020 – North Beach Pool Clubhouse Evaluation- Packet and minutes are in connect
7.6.2020 – North Beach Pool House MEPS Evaluation- Packet and minutes are in connect
9.14.2020 BOD minutes – North Beach Pool Facilities Condition Report – Packet and minutes are in connect

10.5.2020 BOD minutes – discussion of creating an Ad Hoc Committee – Packet and minutes are in the Resident Portal.
11.9.2022 BOD Packet included: Task Force Committee Roster, Charter – Packet and minutes are in the Resident Portal.
12.7.2020 BOD minutes – Director Hughes gave a verbal update on Task Force – Packet and minutes are in the Resident Portal.
2.16.2021 BOD minutes – Director Hughes gave a verbal update on Task Force & board voted to add Amy Enoch as a member – Packet and minutes in the Resident Portal.
3.31.2021 Special BOD Meeting – Approval of Architect/Engineer for NB project – Packet and minutes are in the Resident Portal.
11.15.2021 BOD Packet included: TAB 17 – North Beach Pool contractor Selection – Packet and minutes in the Resident Portal.
1.24.2022 – BOD Packet included: TAB 3 – NB Pool Update- Packet and minutes are in the Resident Portal.
4.18.2022 – BOD Packet included: TAB 16 – North Beach Funding Discussion – Packet and minutes in the Resident Portal.
6.20.2022 – BOD Packet included: North Beach Funding Recommendation – Packet and minutes in the Resident Portal.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is this project going to be so expensive, and why can’t we just fix up the current pool house?

An extensive evaluation of the current facility was done by Dunlap & Partners Engineers (MEP Evaluation), and Draper Aden Associates (Structural Evaluation). The facility was found to be in poor condition, and well beyond its reasonably expected service life. Maintenance had been sporadic for much of the facility’s life, with much of it performed only when problems occured with the various systems, rather than on a planned regular basis. While some of the deficiencies they noted could be corrected, most of them (ADA compliance and structural deficiencies for example) would be very difficult and expensive to just replace given the small size and current design of the structure. The construction of the current structure is of marginal quality, and it is approaching 50 years in age. Additionally, it cannot be determined how or if the repair work undertaken in the past was properly engineered. 

The advanced age of much of the equipment in the facility not only contributes to increased repair/replacement costs, but it also imposes additional costs through the inefficiency of these antiquated systems. Whether the building was to be renovated or replaced, all mechanical, electrical, and plumbing systems would be replaced with new, more efficient systems. Therefore, it is actually less costly to do a total teardown. 

What are some of the advantages of having the new facility?

The current building is less than 2000 sq feet, and the new one is close to 3100 sq ft. This benefits our community as it will be a more functional and usable space that looks aesthetically pleasing and leverages property value.

There will be additional space for club meetings like men’s club, or interest group meetings. The building also brings in increased rental income from weddings, parties, etc, in addition to the HP Clubhouse. It offers a different style and size space that caters to a wider variety of events. One of the most important advantages of the new facility is that it will now be ADA accessible and will meet modern building codes.

What financing strategies were considered as an alternative to a special assessment?

The Board of Directors considered a secured and unsecured bank loan, full or partial special assessment, full cash funding, and various combinations of the three. The Board also considered different term lengths for the special assessment. The Board considered multiple bids from various contractors before committing to Henderson Inc. Other options were priced as follows: 

David Nice Builders – $323,500.00 

ML Bell Construction– $375,960.00 

Henderson Inc- $218,159.00

For additional questions and concerns, please contact [email protected].

Demolition Updates

Fredrik Lundström, Chesterfield VA Drone Photography
Fredrik Lundström, Chesterfield VA Drone Photography
Fredrik Lundström, Chesterfield VA Drone Photography

North Beach Tree Protection

Efforts are being made to protect the bald cypress tree.

  1. Created a no-impact zone
  2. Provided Plant Growth Regular treatment to slow growth during the construction process. 
  3. Install Fertilizer during and after the construction to the root system to help new roots get established. 
  4. Treat for insects and diseases 

Current 3-Week Look Ahead (5/1)

Contractors & Architects

Contractor: Henderson Inc

Architect: Guernsey Tingle Architects


Construction Zone Map

Pictured below is the construction area map. The blue outline will be the layout of the new building. The red lining all around the area is where the temporary fence will be going up to protect the construction zone. As a safety precaution, please stay clear of the area. The trail that crosses North Beach will still be available but for your safety and the safety of others please remain on the opposite side of the construction fence away from the building.

Fencing Around North Beach