BCA Award Winning Home

Posted January 22, 2013 at 4:47 PM, Filed Under: BCA News, Village Mill

Award winning homeThe Community Character Committee is pleased to make the quarterly award to Michael Mereu for his home at 13805 Turtle Hill Road.

Mereu and his cousin Mark Garofalo, who lives next door, did a great deal of work on the property.

Exterior renovations include: new siding and windows, a walkway and driveway, and an extension and partial enclosure of the back deck. Interior renovations consist of: a kitchen makeover with painted cabinets and ceramic tile flooring; new carpeting throughout the house; and updated bathrooms.

Mereu expressed his appreciation for his neighbors, Patsy and Jerry Reid, who nominated his home, and to the CCC for the honor.

“I take a lot of pleasure and great pride in keeping my home looking well kept with my own decorative style,” says Mereu. “Thank you for choosing my home.”