Is it the Brandermill Triangle?

Posted November 12, 2012 at 4:59 PM, Filed Under: BCA News, Front Page, Village Mill

By Wendy Parker
Managing Editor

Last month, during a BranderBelle cruise, Captain Bob Monroe encountered an enormous tree trunk in the reservoir. He and BranderBelle Captain Ernie Burnett returned the next day to remove the protruding log, which posed a hazard to boaters, especially after dark.

The tree trunk, which was steadfast in 7 feet of water about 1,500 feet from the Woodlake shoreline, would not budge an inch when they attempted to move it. They surmised the trunk was the remnants of a large old tree growing on the land when the reservoir was constructed in 1965.

They noted its GPS coordinates and the BCA sent out a blast email to the community with a warning to boaters to be cautious in the area.

A few days later, Monroe returned to the same location and was surprised to find no sign of the tree trunk. The mysterious log, which recently has been reported in other areas of the reservoir, is apparently dislodged and floating under the surface, so boaters should be on alert.