The Do’s and Don’ts of Leaves

Posted November 12, 2012 at 4:59 PM, Filed Under: Community News, Front Page, Village Mill

By Julie Talty
Community Standards

Do rake or blow leaves away from the perimeter of your home, out of the front yard, and away from the curb area.

  • Don’t place leaves or other yard debris in open space or ditches.

  • Don’t allow leaves to accumulate and blow into your neighbor’s yard.

  • Don’t pile leaves along the curb – neither the BCA nor the county vacuums leaves along the roadway. There are services that do this for a fee, however.

  • Do contact your trash hauler and ask how many bags of leaves they will take away each week. Try to keep all those bags tucked out of view until you put them out for pick-up.

  • Do consider mulching your leaves for use in planting beds.

Yes, dealing with all of those leaves every year is a big job. So get out and get some fresh air—get the kids out there with you and get the job done. If there are elderly or handicapped persons in your area, make plans with other neighbors to help clean up those yards.

All of these beautiful trees that shade us so nicely during the hot summer months do require a bit of work - so put a smile on your face and get to work.