New landscaping to enhance entrances

Posted April 12, 2011 at 4:09 PM, Filed Under: Community News, Front Page, Village Mill

By Lynda Raines
Copy Editor

Soon residents and visitors to Brandermill will be greeted by impressive and colorful new landscaping at its entranceways. Matt Franck, area manager for TruGreen LandCare, and Mark McAuliffe, landscape designer with Cross Creek Nursery and Landscaping gave presentations at an April 7 meeting at Harbour Pointe Clubhouse, hosted by the NRC, that included architectural renderings of the changes and improvements to be made at five entrance points. Those in attendance were able to ask the experts questions about the upcoming makeovers, and residents offered positive feedback.

Main Entrance

McAuliffe’s landscaping team will transform the main entrance to Brandermill at Hull Street and Old Hundred Roads with a “huge splash of color” by adding azaleas, oak leaf hydrangeas, roses, soft touch holly and a variety of perennials among the existing crape myrtle and magnolia trees. In addition, the magnolias will be illuminated with uplights.

Old Hundred Road

The median between the Holiday Inn Express and Market Square will receive nine Red Rocket crape myrtle trees planted 45 feet apart to replace the existing nine trees.

Millridge/Old Hundred

Landscaping of the median on Millridge Parkway leading into the community near Court Ridge and Long Shadow, like the main entrance, will emphasize color. Chalet stone will be used to accent the area, which will be layered with azaleas, Japanese maple trees, oak leaf hydrangeas and Korean dogwood trees. No existing trees will be removed, only scrub brush will be cleared.

Brandermill Parkway at Brandermill Woods

Chalet stone will be used to delineate the median where cherry and dogwood trees, holly, nandinas, and oriental grasses will be planted. “The overall feel of Brandermill is natural,” McAuliffe said, “and we want to maintain that.”

Market Square Median

TruGreen Landcare location staff will excavate the soil in the median at Market Square between Market Square and Millridge Parkway and ready it for new plantings. “There will be acuba and hostas on each side of the sign,” Franck said, “and we are going to leave room for annual flowers and other color.” Pavers and grass appropriate to the area also will be added.

Other Improvements

TruGreen LandCare and Cross Creek Nursery and Landscaping have been secured to design and implement landscaping for the five entrance points to the Brandermill community. Brandermill has a contract with a landscaping maintenance company that will be responsible for mulching, watering and weeding, and planting annual flowers.

According to BCA President Joyce Rowe, the sign at the main entrance to Brandermill will soon be removed and refurbished, lighting will be installed, and a plaque with the slogan, “A Waterfront Community” will be added.

The makeover of the five entranceways is part of the Brandermill Master Plan. The BCA Board approved $40,000 for the project, and the final cost is $34,686.