Brandermill Master Plan Wins APA Award

Posted March 16, 2010 at 8:41 PM, Filed Under: Announcements, Village Mill

Designforum of Richmond announced on March 16, 2010 that it has received the 2010 Outstanding Private Sector Plan Award from APA Virginia (American Planning Association) for the Brandermill Master Plan. The award recognizes excellence in planning by a private sector planning firm for a private sector or nonprofit organization.

The Designforum team says, "Congratulations to all 13,800 residents at Brandermill. It is because of their efforts and dedication that Brandermill has been honored with the 2010 Outstanding Private Sector Plan Award from Virginia APA."

In an email, Andrew Bleckley of Designforum wrote to BCA Director Dick Guthrie, "We are ecstatic, and hope you all are, too! This award is attributed to your community's vision and passion for progress. The City of Richmond's Downtown Master Plan won an APA award in 2009, so I'd say Brandermill is in good company."

Doug Cole, principal of Designforum, will present the Brandermill Master Plan at two upcoming conferences: the Virginia ASLA conference in Richmond in April and the Virginia APA conference in Norfolk in May.

Brandermill was named the Best Planned Community in America in 1977. Brandermill now has over 3,700 homes bordering a beautiful 1,700-acre lake, a championship golf course, and over 15 miles of bike paths in addition to other numerous amenities. Thirty years later, the name Brandermill still denotes a quality lifestyle within the region and state.

Even though Brandermill has aged fairly well, the Brandermill Community Association commissioned Designforum to:
  • Provide a clear and cohesive vision using the unique values of Brandermill

  • Enhance the quality of life and value of property for all Brandermill members including residential, commercial, office and civic

  • Involve the community in creating the values of Brandermill and the vision

  • Anticipate future facility needs

  • Protect the integrity of the Swift Creek Reservoir as a source of drinking water

The Master Plan was completed and adopted by Brandermill Community Association in 2009. See the plan on the Brandermill website: