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Mailbox Guidelines

  • Residents may do-it-yourself or hire a contractor for the mailbox unit to be built or fixed
  • Homeowner build-it-yourself option: A spec sheet is available online.
  •   Post paint color: Benjamin Moore Essex Green low lustre exterior
      Replacement mailboxes: Black, glossy, jumbo (can be purchased at any big box hardware store.)
  • Homeowner do-it-yourself installation: US Postal Regulations are available for those wishing to install a new unit themselves.

Covenant Enforcement

Per Residential Design Standard 11.1.1.l Mailboxes with rust, uneven color tones or fading, non-matching color; dented boxes or missing parts (doors) must be replaced, repainted or repaired. Rotted, cracked, missing or damaged posts or other structural elements must be repaired or replaced. Posts with flaking or faded paint must be repainted the approved color. Mold must be removed from mailboxes and posts. Chesterfield Fire and EMS require that property address number be clearly visible from the street to permit emergency vehicles to locate the property address.

Note: Nameplates were not approved as part of the design structure, and are not allowed.