Makos swim team wraps up 2013 season

Posted August 12, 2013 at 4:13 PM, Filed Under: Sports, Village Mill

This year, 137 swimmers made up the Brandermill Makos team, including seven swimmers from the Angel Sharks feeder program. 

The team experienced a lot of changes this year with new coaches and parent representatives. 

Sean Pratt was named head coach after serving several years as an assistant coach, and Maria Deloglos served as assistant coach with help from Elena Acevedo and Alex Upadhyaya. 

The coaches focused not only on the merits of competition, but on having fun together as team. They definitely achieved both goals.

Deanne Barnett, Wendy Lively and Alicia Rudolph were the parent reps for the season. All three were thrilled to work with the coaches, parents and swimmers. 

“We have the most wonderful supportive parents,” says Wendy Lively. “Swim meets really are a collective effort, and our parents are always willing to pitch in however they can. We can’t thank them enough!”
Makos Swim Team