Helpful Information

Helpful Information

For your convenience, you can download and print these BCA documents on your printer. Submit completed forms to the BCA office.

Transition to the new green and black mailbox structure on residential properties has been successfully completed.
More information is available.

View the results of the 2015 annual election of Brandermill's Board of Directors

A new assessment payment option began in January 2011. Each
December, residents will receive four coupons, one for each quarter
of the year. Look for 2016 BCA assessment payment coupons to be
mailed at the end of the year.

Brandermill Community Association operates a boat rental program throughout the summer.

Make sure to read through the rules and regulations for boating in Brandermill.

The following is a summary of the Declaration of Rights, Restrictions, Affirmative Obligations and Conditions, usually referred to as the covenants, which apply to property in Brandermill.

View a list of the fees associated with the Brandermill Community.

Governance: Annual elections are held by the community to elect the BCA Board of Directors. Directors are volunteers and serve three year staggered terms.

Since Brandermill is a family oriented community, the BCA Maintenance Department maintains an array of amenities including parks, play
structures, pavilions, bike paths and playing fields.

The following is a list of rules, regulations and policies adopted by the BCA Board of Directors.

While Brandermill roads are the responsibility of Virginia Department of Transportation, the BCA will continue its policy to help with snow clearing when snowfall accumulates to three inches.